Victorinox All-Purpose Kitchen Utility Shears (4 Inch with Bottle Opener) Black Polypropylene Handle 7.6363.3-X2 (Old Sku 87771)

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The Victorinox 7.6363.3-X2 ClipPoint Shears bring a bit of practicality to the kitchen. Shears are a great way to quickly snip through bone, separate sections of meat, or shred leafy vegetables without the hassle and expertise a more specialized knife might require. Measuring 4 inches long and equipped with comfortable, durable black polypropylene handles, this set of shears is conveniently sized to help you through a wide variety of otherwise time consuming tasks. Serve more than a handful of bottled beverages over the course of your night? These shears have a bottle opener positioned between the handles to make popping those tops a breeze. The clip point blade design pushes and lifts product towards you as you cut, making it easy to work through large sections of meat without having to reposition. Suited for food and non-food applications alike, these kitchen shears are an excellent addition to any kitchen or home.