DMT 7EFC Diamond Whetstone Sharpening Kit (Includes Fine + Extra Fine + Coarse 2.62 X .875 Inch Stones) DMT7EFC

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DMT 7EFC Pocket Diamond Whetstone Kit, Includes Fine, Extra Fine & Coarse Stones. The DMT Pocket Diamond Whetstone Kit consists of three pocket whetstones measuring 2-5/8" x 7/8" sharpening surface. Green stone is extra fine grit, red stone is fine, and blue stone is coarse. Comes packaged. Portable enough to take anywhere. Use only water for lubrication. Avoids oily mess.

DMT (Diamond Machining Technology, Inc.) is the leader in diamond sharpening. Real diamond, the hardest material known, reduces sharpening time. Unique pattern speeds sharpening. Light pressure produces keen edge with few strokes. Non-porous surface resists loading and wipes clean. Use only water for lubrication. The durable surface of tough monocrystalline diamond resists wear. Hones any hard material, including tungsten carbide, HSS, steel, ceramic, glass, stone, etc. The diamond stones have a unique construction: a thin layer of perforated steel is molded into a plastic base. The metal is covered with diamonds of precision size, embedded in nickel. The unique patterns of plastic islands in a "sea of diamonds" increases the cutting action and cleans away the fines produced by sharpening. The diamond surface maintains its shape so that you always have a flat surface.

Diamond Sizing: Black is extra coarse, 220 mesh, 60 micron. Blue is coarse, 325 mesh, 45 micron. Red is fine, 600 mesh, 25 micron. Green is extra fine, 1200 mesh, 9 micron. DMT suggests that Extra Coarse is for the most rapid stock removal for dressing nicked or damaged knives and tools, but does not sharpen. Coarse can be used to restore a razor-sharp edge to dull or damaged tools and knives. Fine is perfect for maintaining that razor-sharp edge, and Extra-Fine is excellent for the ultimate edge refinement.

Instructions:sprinkle surface with water. With cutting edge away from you, hold the blade 20 degrees (for most knives) to diamond surface. Stroke blade across the surface edge first, moving the blade heel to tip during the stoke. Alternate the sides of the knife. Use light strokes. Rinse with water and store dry. An extreme performance edge can be obtained by working on progressively finer grits and finishing on extra-fine.

Break-in period: Initially, your diamond stone will seem especially aggressive. It will smooth over time with gentle stroking. You need not exert extra pressure: let the diamonds do the work. To confirm that the diamond is removing material, gently rub a piece of glass over the diamond surface - the glass should become frosted white.

Care: Use only water for lubrication. After use, rinse and dry product, and store dry. To completely clean the files out of the diamond grit with a vigorous cleaning, use an abrasive cleanser (non-petroleum based) and a nylon scrub brush. Rinse in warm water and dry.

Made in Marlborough, Massachusetts by DMT, the tradename of Diamond Machining Technology, Inc.