DMT W8ENB Diamond Whetstone Bench Stone Sharpener (8 x 2.62 Inch Green Extra-Fine Grit) No Box with Non-Skid Mat DMTW8ENB

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DMT W8ENB Diamond Whetstone 8 Inch with Base, Green X-Fine Grit. The 8-in Diamond Whetstone™ sharpener has all of the benefits of the 6 inch product but offers 75% more of DMT®'s interrupted diamond sharpening surface to accommodate larger tools and knives. Comes in a beautiful hardwood case. Also available without the case but with DMT®'s exceptional Non-Skid Mat.

Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. No messy oils needed--sharpen dry or with water. Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service For proper tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products. Made in USA.