Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Premium Dagger (5.87 Inch Double-Edged Bead Blasted Blade) Grenadill Wood Handle + Leather Sheath 120543W

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Boker 120543W Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Knife, Bead Blasted Double Edged Blade, Grenadill Wood Handles, Leather Sheath. The classic Applegate-Fairbairn dagger, which has proven itself countless times during heavy duty tasks, is now available in this exclusive version for the collector. A perfectly rounded handle, made of specially selected Grenadill wood, will mesh seamlessly into your hand, while the satin ground surface of the blade is sure to impress the serious knife enthusiast. The black-coated handguard adds character and charm. This is a must-have for any collection! Each piece is serialized and includes a premium leather sheath. Blade length: 5 7/8. Overall length: 10 3/4. Weight: 9.2 oz.