Colonel Conk #1001 Standard Pure Badger Shave Brush (4 Inches Tall) Black Resin Handle CC1001

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Colonel Conk 1001 Pure Badger Shave Brush, Black Handle, 4 Inches Tall, England. This fine quality brush comes from PROGRESS (VULFIX) LTD, located on the historic Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea, a self governing Crown dependency. Made using traditional and time honored processes; hand selection of only the finest quality boar bristle and badger hair, individually weighed, shaped and hand knotted. Badger hair varies in quality from the FINEST WHITE/SILVER TIPPED "SUPER BADGER", to the slightly darker brown tipped hair and the blackish color, slightly coarser hair. Pure badger brushes are soft and build and hold a lather better than any other.

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