Dovo Solingen Mens Manicure Kit (Calfskin Leather Case + Nail Clippers + Tweezers + Nail File + Nasal Hair Trimmer) Stainless Steel CC407 DV407066

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Dovo 407 Mens Manicure Kit, Calfskin Leather Case, Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Nail File and Nasal Hair Trimmer, Stainless Steel, Germany. For the man who refuses to compromise, pick Dovo's lovely five-piece grooming set. The zippered leather case is thicker than Dovo's other sets, and for good reason. A stainless steel klipette lets you trim nose and ear hears without worrying about cutting sensitive skin. Bigger nail clippers with added leverage work equally well on fingernails and toenails. Tweezers, a nail cleaning tool and nail file keep you looking your best wherever you are.


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