Progress Vulfix Colonel Conk Boar Bristle Shave Brush (4 Inches Tall) Cream Handle CC9

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Colonel Conk 9 Boar Bristle Shave Brush, Cream Handle, 4 Inches Tall, England. An extravagant blend of boar bristles offers a strong, yet yielding way to prepare the beard for shaving. This is an effective brush for the gent with a more stubborn growth of facial hair.

The shave brush does more than ritualize the daily shave, it prepares facial hair for a proper shave, bringing it to an upright position on the face; a position that allows the razor to sever the hair at the skin. In essence, a close shave begins at the preparation and does not rely completely on the razor.

Colonel Ichabod Conk Products, Inc., with headquarters in New Mexico, has sold quality "gentlemen's grooming products" for over 150 years. Thus, their motto is "150 Years of Clean Living".