Dovo Merkur Corn and Callus Razor Planer (Comes with a 10 Pack of Corn Platinum Coated Blades) 923 000

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Merkur 923 000 Corn and Callus Razor, Comes with a 10 Pack of Blades, Germany. This Merkur Corn Razor, a quality personal grooming accessory, gently trims away corns and calluses. These corn razors are made in Solingen, Germany, which is etched on the metal part of the tool. This corn razor measures 5-1/2" in length, and has a white plastic handle with the word "Germany" embossed on it. This corn razor comes packaged with a box of Merkur Corn platinum-coated, double edge Razor Blades (10 blades per box), which are also sold separately as #201. The blades are double edged. When one side gets dull, turn the blade over and use the other edge before replacing. These are also called corn cutter tools, callus razors, corn collus shavers, callus trimmers, and callus razor trimmers.