Firestone Belt Axe Hatchet (4.25 Inch Mirror Polished Razor Edge Ax Head) Laminated Birch Handle + Leather Swivel Sheath FS1201

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Firestone 1201 Belt Axe with Sheath. Top quality hand crafted camping ax by Firestone, the sharpening people. The ax head is about 4-1/4" long and the piece is over 12" long from the bottom of the handle to the tip of the ax head. The steel is investment-cast, high-carbon 440C stainless steel, heat-treated and annealed to hold a knife-like edge through the heaviest cutting and chopping tasks. The design is based on old Viking styles. It is a perfect hunting, skinning, slicing, chopping, and puncturing tool. The handle is a handcrafted masterpiece of laminated birch, prized by wood workers for its superior durability. This wood is filled with resins and finished with lacquer and is secured by a hardened-steel set screw and spring-steel roll pin - features normally found on competition speed axes. The sheath is a swivel sheath made of full grain leather, reinforced with double layers where strength is important.