Dovo Solingen Stand for Safety Razor and Brush (Dual 22mm Wide Openings) 100% Stainless Steel Construction 499 206

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Dovo 499 206 Stand for Brush/Razor Only, Normal Opening. The brush and razor openings are 22mm. Well constructed and designed, the base is heavy enough to provide stability for even the largest of razors. The circular base is padded underneath to resist tipping, while the balanced shape lends a tasteful symmetry in display. This design from Dovo is impressive in its reliability as well as its appearance. Towing the line between classic and contemporary, and made from high quality stainless steel. To avoid disappointment, please contact us before purchase, to be sure your brush fits the stand!

Thoroughly wash and rinse all sediment of soap out of your brush and leave to dry and drain. Failure to do this can result in mildrew in the brush hair and eventual hair loss.