Condor Tool & Knife Combat Tomahawk Axe (Black 420HC Stainless Head) Wood Onlay Handles + Black Leather Sheath 4010BC

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Condor 4010BC Combat Axe, Black 420HC Stainless Head, Wood Onlay Handles, Black Leather Sheath. The Condor Combat Axe was inspired by the fighting axes of the Vietnam era. This rendition was created and designed by world-renowned and award winning knife and tool designer Arlan D. Lothe. The axe features a special piercing point and a razor sharp edge. It also features special "shoulder spike" that can be used to stop an opponent running away by placing the spike into the shoulder and then pulling him off balance onto the ground. This feature is also found on several long handled Viking battle axes.

The Condor Combat tomahawk is 13-3/8" long and 7" wide. The axe edge is 3-1/2" long and the piercing point is 2-3/4" long with a weight of only 1.50 pounds. The material is 1/4" thick 1075 carbon steel, heat treated and tempered to about 53 Rockwell (a measure of hardness). This finish meets and exceeds several military specifications from the U.S. and other countries around the world. When maintained with light oil, this finish should not rust or stain. The handle is wood, slightly tapered at the bottom to make the Combat Axe a great thrower. The wood handles will last for years, but they can be replaced if need be by using the special screw rivets that hold the handle to the Axe. If one wishes the handle can be replaced with leather or other materials available at the owner's option. The Condor Combat Tomahawk comes with a heavy duty, hand crafted black leather belt sheath.