Condor Tool & Knife Scout Hatchet (4.25 x 2.75 Inch 1045HC Head) 10.25 Inch Hickory Handle + Leather Sheath 4053C10

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The Scout hatchet by Condor Tool & Knife is about half the cost of comparable hatchets from  Wetterlings and Gransfors Bruks. The Condor Scout Hatchet performs well as a carving axe. You would be hard pressed to find another comparable product on the market that can do as much as well as this little hatchet does for the price.

As a camping tool, the Condor Scout Hatchet is light weight and a very capable cutting tool in competent hands. The Condor hatchet works great for shelter building and campfire kindling production for wood that is not over 7 inches in diameter. The 1045HC Steel blade takes and holds an edge very well.

While the Scout Hatchet will not take the place of other specialized cutting tools (knives, machetes, large axes) its light weight and utility makes it a great choice for the weight conscious backpacker. This little scout hatchet will more than likely become your go to cutting tool for overnight camping trips and day hikes.