FallKniven F3 Butcher Knife Fixed (5.1 Inch VG10 Satin Plain Blade) Black Thermorun Handle + Zytel Sheath FN56

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FallKniven F3 Butcher Knife, 5.1 Inch VG10 Blade, Thermorun Handle, No Sheath. Fallkniven believes this is the perfect dressing and skinning knife! The form of the blade is ideal to skin somewhat larger game and then open it before hanging. Since the edge can be made thin without losing in strength, the edge will easily part the thickest skin, which the user should perhaps bear in mind -- to avoid mishaps.

The F3 is a new concept in high-quality knives intended for opening and butchering. They are based on the well shaped, secure F handle, and it is specially adapted for its intended purpose. Unlike many other manufacturers, Fallkniven persists in using really good edging steel and even if it leads to products that are 5 or 10 times more expensive, they feel that the concept is right. A cheap dressing knife is characterised by poor edge retention, leading to it quickly being honed to destruction, while a knife from Fallkniven can be used for decades. Not only does this lead to good overall economy, but also offers satisfaction and safety. Naturally, it need not be put away after the hunt, as it can also serve its purpose in the kitchen. The knives are supplied with a zytel edge protector. The best, simplest and quickest way to sharpen them is with a diamond whetstone or diamond sharpening steel.