Fallkniven HK9 Hunting Knife Fixed (3.54 Inch Polished Damascus Blade) Ivory Micarta Handle + Leather Sheath FN38

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Fallkniven HK9 Hunting Knife, Polished Damascus Fixed Blade, Ivory Micarta Handle, Leather Sheath. We take pride in our manufacture of exclusive knives which not only offer an elegant and beautiful design but are also practical tools. The polished Damascus steel blade with a core of CowryX powder steel is not only attractive, it is also strong and keeps an edge better than any other steel we know of. We hope therefore that this special version will not be left in a glass cabinet but that the knife will be put to use - luxury in practice!

Sheaths. This knife is delivered with a very well made black leather sheath which keeps the knife safely without any snappers. The leather is about 3 mm thick and, by adding a thick liner along the sewing. Our idea is that the sheath will fit so tight to your belt that you should be able to push/pull the knife from its sheath by using one hand only. You treat the sheath by keeping it clean and dry, regular shoeshine is OK but not grease which makes the leather soft! Should you prefer a 100% water-proof concept we advice you to purchase the F1 zytel sheath which by chance fits the HK9 knife perfectly well!