Fallkniven PHK Professional Hunters Knife Fixed (5.0 Inch 3G Laminated Powder Steel Satin Plain Blade) Black Thermorun Handle + Zytel Sheath FN36

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Fallkniven PHK Professional Hunters Knife, Satin 3G Fixed Blade, Thermorun Handle, Zytel Sheath. The Professional Hunter's Knife (PHK) is one of the best hunting knives in the world, where function, safety and hygiene are top priorities. The special blade design (upsweep-droppoint) offers a pretty long skinning edge yet without bother of a wide or clumsy blade.

The 3G stainless laminate powder steel (VG2-SGPS-VG2) offers a blade which is very strong and keeps an edge extremely well. The combination of a Thermorun handle and a stainless crossguard is both safe and comfortable. An injection-molded zytel sheath keeps the knife with double safety and is yet easy to keep clean. Is there a better hunting knife around? We don't think so.

Zytel sheath. The new injection molded zytel sheath offers a neat safe and strong combination of qualities which should be very attractive to any user.