FallKniven TK6 Tre Kronor Hunter Fixed (3.15 Inch 3G Laminated Powder Steel Blade) Black Thermorun Handle + Leather Sheath FNTK6

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FallKniven TK6 Tre Kronor Hunter, 3.15 Inch 3G Laminated Blade, Black Thermorun Handles, Leather Sheath. Tre Kronor, the Swedish knife series, offers a highly advanced technological solution combined with timeless Swedish design. As the result of a long development process, we are the first company in the world to be able to offer a laminated knife blade in 3G steel, edged with sintered steel, or powder steel. To this edge steel, we have added a resilient, anticorrosive steel which stabilises the hard centre. This gives a rigid, strong blade that retains its edge extremely well.

These knives are in the Swedish minimalist idiom, where form harmonises with function. The result is an edged implement that the user will find an easy and accommodating knife -- a world-beater from Sweden.

TK6 Tre Kronor Hunter. If there is a quality that hunters appreciate very much, I would suggest the edge retention! This blade is made of stainless laminate powdersteel which is combining both strength and edge retention. Most truly, you have never before handled a knife which holds up an edge better than this model. When the sharpess finally is gone, you restore the edge by using a fine, flat diamond whetstone, see the DC3 and DC4 models. You maintain your good knife by keeping it clean and dry and, should it get dirty, use some warm water and washing-up liquid, wipe off and let dry.