CarBee-Sharp Take-Anywhere Sharpener

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CarBee-Sharp Take-Anywhere Sharpener. CarBee-Sharp is so small and unobtrusive in the pocket that you will find yourself taking it along most everywhere you go. Small enough to carry to work or take along in the car. Light enough to travel with you when biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. Compact enough that it doesn't steal valuable space in your BOB, tool kit, back pack or bicycle pouch.

CarBee-Sharp sharpens all sorts of knives, garden implements, scissors, tools, etc. Use it for touching up your kitchen knives, pocket knives, scissors or poultry shears. Out in the garden you can restore a good edge to axes, secateurs, hoes, spades, scythes, etc. Sharpen draw knives, chisels, scrapers and other professional tools in your workshop.

CarBee-Sharp is always used dry. The carbide multi-head of the CarBee-Sharp is specially designed to sharpen, finish and polish without any lubricants or cutting fluids. No oil or water is ever needed to obtain excellent results. You can restore a keen cutting edge to knives and tools in less than five minutes and there is never any messy clean up.