Colonel Conk Shaving Soap Assortment (Amber + Bay Rum + Almond + Lime) 4-Pack of 2.25 oz. Bars CC112-143

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Colonel Conk Shaving Soap Assortment, 2.25 oz., 4 Bars. Colonel Conk Shave Soaps are made with a glycerine base and they also contain vitamin E and avocado oil to smooth the toughest of beards. They smell good, are easy to lather up and the lather goes on well. Lasts as long or longer than a standard can of shaving cream/gel. Gives a smooth shave and rinses allot cleaner than gels. This shaving soap assortment pack contains a quantity of four (4) 2.375 inch diameter soap bars (Amber-CC114, Almond-CC112, Lime-CC122 and Bay Rum-CC143).

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