Havalon Piranta Torch Folding Skinning Knife (Uses 2.75 Inch #60A Scalpel Blade) Light Copper Aluminum Handle + 12 Extra Blades + Free Holster XT60ATLC

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Havalon XT60ATLC Piranta Torch Folding Skinning Knife, #60A Scalpel Blade, Light Copper Aluminum Handle. Lighten your load on your next hunt with our new Piranta-Torch. It features the #60A blade riding on a rugged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy handle. With the Torch you'll process more hide and meat faster than you ever thought possible.

At 20 percent thicker than the regular #60, the #60A resists breaking should you get a bit carried away with the twisting and pulling thing. Think of it as the #60 blade's big brother. Same crazy sharp long-lasting edge, and no more sharpening. Item Code: XT-60ATBR.

Pick up your Piranta before your next hunt.