AITOR Jungle King I Survival Knife Fixed (8.0 Inch Bead Blast Plain Sawback Blade) Cast Metal Handle + Polyamide Sheath + Survival Kit 16015

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AITOR 16015 Jungle King I Fixed Blade, Satin PlainEdge, Molded Polyamide Sheath Plus Survival Kit. The Aitor Jungle King I is a fixed blade tactically designed combat knife that includes a mini survival kit contained within the sheath and handle. The metal end cap is removable and the cast metal handle is hollow to provide a nice water proof storage compartment. The sheath features black coated stainless metal arms at one end that flip out to serve as slingshot. Storage compartment on back of sheath features latex powerbands for slingshot. An extremely well designed knife with the extras to make it an excellent survival tool.


Survival Kit Includes: