Sabre Cyclist Self Defense Pepper Spray for Bikes (Police Strength 1.25 oz. Pepper Spray with Bike Mount) SA10235

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Sabre Cyclist Self Defense Spray for Bikes 1.25 oz. The CYCLIST is the premier deterrant for all night or daytime bike riding. The CYCLIST attaches to Bicycle Frame & Tears Away for Immediate Accessibilty. The small, but powerful 1.25 oz Bicycle Unit delivers approximately 60 shots. The CYCLIST provides an 8-10 foot ballistics stream which decreases wind blow-back.

This unit is perfect for attachment to most any bicycle other pieces of equipment other than bicycles where you want to have your protection immediately available. Its great for wheelchairs and mopeds as well. Order one today!


Sabre® Pepper Spray gives you all the following and more...

Once SABRE® comes into contact with one's facial area, the following will occur:

SABRE® combines both an irritant (CS Military Tear Gas) and an inflammatory (Oleoresin Capsicum/Red Pepper) to produce a blended formulation, which is superior to all single ingredient defense sprays! Compare the benefits of Sabre pepper spray with any other on the market. We're sure you'll discover why so many people choose Sabre pepper spray over any other. But please order now, don't wait and find yourself saying I should have... or I wish I had... because how safe you are can change in an instant.

This Sabre® Pepper Spray combines the powerful inflammatory effect of RED PEPPER with CS tear gas and invisible ultraviolet dye to aid in suspect identification.