SABRE Red Pepper Spray (Police Strength .54 oz. - 20 Bursts) w/ Stop Strap + Key Case + Finger Grip SA15500

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Sabre Red Stop Strap Pepper Spray, Black .54 oz. The top concern many people have with carrying pepper spray is the attacker taking their spray and using it on them. Stop Strap Technology helps prevent this by disarming SABRE Red if the attacker is able to gain possession of your spray providing a huge safety measure. Place the Stop Strap around your wrist and then grasp Sabre Red in your hand. If your SABRE Red spray is separated from the strap, it WILL NOT spray. By placing around your wrist, Stop Strap Technology also helps ensure your SABRE Red pepper spray is accessible when you need it! The pepper spray is 4 times stronger then the OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)used by many law enforcement agencies. Legal in all 50 States. .54 oz.


Living in the end-times of our world's history we face uncertainty on a daily basis. Crime is out-of-control and everyone needs protection when they are on the streets. Whether you are going to the park for exercise, or you're a police officer keeping the neighborhood safe from crooks, non-lethal self defense such as sprays and stun guns are an essential component in staying alive. Our products from Sabre Red offer the most potent pepper spray, also known as OC spray, on the market, containing 10% oleoresin capsicum. When you buy Sabre Red pepper spray, you're guaranteed more sprays per container and a more potent solution than any of the competitors' sprays. Even better, Sabre Red's pepper sprays contain dyes that show up under UV light, making it easy for police to identify attackers after they have been incapacitated. Different sizes of sprays are available for jogging, cycling, and home use, so that you can have easy access to protection, no matter where you are.