Boker Arbolito Venador Hunting Knife Fixed (5 Inch Bohler N695 Satin Plain Blade) Guayacan Ebony Handle + Leather Sheath 02BA313G

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Boker Arbolito Venador Fixed 5 Inch PlainEdge Blade, Leather Sheath, 02BA313G. This impressive hunting knife is perfectly suited for large game, but is also a great companion for camping and trekking trips. The hollow ground blade is made of premium Bohler N695 steel, and has a fine satin finish. The decorative cutting edge gives this massive knife added appeal. The handle scales, made of hand selected Guayacan ebony wood, are attached to the tapered tang with attractive mosaic pins, with a red fiber underlay. Comes complete with a high grade sheath made of selected Argentinean cowhide.