Boker Magnum Handforged Damascus Samurai Sword (28.0 Inch 200 Layer Damascus Blade) Black Wrapped/Faux Rayskin Handle + Black Lacquered Wooden Scabbard 05ZS580

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Boker Magnum Handforged Damascus Samurai Sword, 05ZS580. This high quality sword will impress at first glance! From its 200-layer hand forged Damascus blade to its authentic rayskin-like handle with Menukis under the wrap, this jewel of a sword would identify the social status of a ranking Samurai. The decorative Tsuba has a Japanese motif with a slightly antiqued finish. The wooden sheath is high polished black lacquer. Includes a sword care kit and storage bag. Blade length: 28. Overall length: 40 1/2. Weight: 3.2 lbs. Shipped as large package.