Boker Plus Vox T-Hawk Tactical Tomahawk (13.75 Inches Overall) Black SK-5 Carbon Steel + Nylon Sheath 09BO100

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Boker Plus Vox T-Hawk Tactical Tomahawk, 13.75 Inch Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Nylon Sheath, 09BO100. Jesper Voxnaes is not only renowned for his ingenious knife designs - he has also created some impressive concepts in the area of tomahawks. The Vox T-Hawk is an example of his characteristic versatility and functionality. The sturdy construction is made of one single piece of SK5 carbon steel, which has been equipped with a resistant powder coating to protect the knife against corrosion. The cutting edge is hollow ground, to ensure extreme sharpness, and can master a great multitude of cutting chores. The G-10 scales have been threefold screwed and can be easily removed. Alternatively, a paracord handle wrapping can be fitted, which is included in olive and in orange. Openings in the tang reduce the weight and facilitate the fitting of the wrapping. All this in a fascinating tool that clearly stands out with it's unique design. Comes complete with nylon sheath. Thickness (without scales): 6mm.