Astra Platinum Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades (100 Count 20 x 5) PKRASTRAP

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Astra Platinum DE Blades (20 x 5) 100 ct. These blades are packaged with 5 blades per tuck and 20 tucks per card. Each blade is individually wrapped with 2 layers of paper - an outer wrapping with the "ASTRA" logo and an inner wrapping of wax paper. We really like these blades and find in our evaluation that they deliver a particularly close shave and excellent durability outlasting most other blades we have evaluated. They are manufactured from stainless steel with a Platinum and Chromium coating. These blades are Factory Fresh and a tremendous value as well! ASTRA blades are made from the highest quality steel. Each ASTRA blade provides unsurpassed quality, smoothness and durability for a long lasting, smooth shave.