Gerber Contrast AO Spring-Assisted Opening Folding Knife (2.88 Inch Black Plain Blade) Black G10/Stainless Steel Handle 30-000643

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Contrast AO Assisted Opening Folder Fine Edge. Gerber knows from experience that what's in your pocket says a lot about how you see things. The Gerber Contrast's bold lines and sculpted shape are visually striking, but the real statement comes from how it feels in your hand. The combination of super light, deeply textured G-10 and steel in the body means it stays put no matter how wet the conditions get, with a deft balance point between ultra light and sturdy. Already popular as a rugged daily carry knife, dispatching small cutting tasks and utility work with ease, this evolution of the Contrast includes our advanced Assisted Opening 2.0 mechanism, for fast, one-handed deployment of the drop point blade--no need to stop what you're doing to get your knife open and ready to use.

Style With Purpose. The Contrast's looks set it apart, but every part has a role. Designed to perform when needed, and then sit comfortably at the ready when not, every curve of the knife is considered. The G-10 handle creates a super light body that's impervious to rust and corrosion, resists temperature change, and offers positive grip, even when wet. Paired with stainless steel, the body is tough enough to withstand everything from light-duty shop work to heavy-duty outdoor tasks. The matte black finish on the handle and the blade gives the Contrast a low profile, tactical look that hides its utilitarian nature inside.

Details Make A Difference. You shouldn't have to think about your knife, except when you need it. At 3.3 ounces, the Contrast won't weigh you down, and its 3-inch blade means it can work smoothly around big jobs. The Assisted Opening 2.0 mechanism delivers reliable, one-handed deployment, and the thumb Plunge Lock on the handle offers smooth release when closing, keeping your fingers away from the blade's path.

Goes Wherever You Do. A removable pocket clip lets you carry the Contrast easily in your pocket, or secure it to a bag for fast access. Thread the cordage of your choice through the lanyard hole for added security and quick location on the go.