Linder Razolution Vintage Straight Razor, Deep Forest Celluloid Handle, 5/8 Inch Black Coated Carbon Steel Blade

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LD888103: Razolution Vintage Straight Razor, Deep Forest Celluloid, Black Carbon Steel
Linder Solingen

This Razolution vintage straight razor is handcrafted in Solingen Germany and is the perfect razor for todays traditional wet shaver. The 5/8 inch carbon steel blade is handmade from the best Solingen steel and features a double hollow ground edge that has been sharpened five times at the factory and hardened for excellent edge retention. The handle features attractive Deep Forest Celluloid scales. With proper care, the edge will maintain a sharp edge for many shaves. Razolution Straight Razors are some of the most economically priced Solingen made straight razors on the market... an excellent value!