KA-BAR KBD Master Series Snody Big Boss Knife Fixed (4.5 Inch S35VN Satin Plain Drop Point Blade) Blue Zytel Handle + JRE Leather Sheath 5102

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When it comes to highly functional fixed blade knife designs, Mike Snody is an expert. The Snody Big Boss knife manufactured by KA-BAR is a full-size fixed blade knife made of premium S35vn blade steel at an excellent price point!

KA-BAR has hit a home run with their offering of Snody Knives designed by custom knife maker, Mike Snody. Mike designs and makes world-class cutlery for the most extreme, discerning and demanding knife collectors and users on the planet. The Snody Boss and Snody Big Boss knives come with high-grade, heavy-weight, leather sheaths made by JRE in the USA. These semi-custom sheaths have grommet holes so you can lash it down and carry in many different configurations. The Ka-Bar Snody Snake Charmer neck knife comes with a hard plastic self-locking sheath.

The full tang extends past the blue FRN "reptile" scales to reveal a lanyard hole. All Snody Knives come with 8 feet of 550 paracord and an 8" pre-cut lanyard to affix the included custom designed Schmuckatelli pewter bead (USA Made) with the stylized Snody "S" logo. Also comes with a bonus set of deep purple handles. The Boss and Big Boss models come mounted with the blue "Reptile" handles and include an extra set of interchangeable purple "Dolla Holla" handles.