Down Under Knives Mistress Bowie Fixed (13.0 Inch 440C Mirror Polished Blade) Stacked Leather Handle + Leather Sheath DUKM

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Down Under has been working on the Mistress Bowie for quite a while. The mission was simple: push the limits and make the biggest, meanest blade that can still be reasonably called a knife, without compromising balance and usability in the slightest. To accomplish this, they began with the dimensions and basic lines of a colossal vintage Bowie dating from around 1858 and started hammering out prototype after prototype until it looked and behaved exactly like they wanted it. Not the easiest or fastest development process in the world, but with a knife this size you just can't slap something together in a CAD package and expect it to work. You have to feel it to know when you got it just right.

The Mistress is Down Under's first curved back design, putting even more mass behind the arc of the blade right where it counts for unprecedented cutting and slashing power. To complement the shape it was given a distinctive coffin handle and a massive handguard machined from a monolithic block of solid brass.

Finally, the Mistress bowie is contained in their signature heavy leather sheath which is patterned to match the very successful Toothpick model. In case you missed it, this is one beast of a knife even by Crocodile Dundee's standards.

Note: Knives have a high mirror polish which may have slight scuffing from factory.