Extrema Ratio Suppressor Dagger Knife Fixed (6.69 in. Black N690 Double-Edge Blade) Black Polyamide Handle + Nylon Sheath EX312SUPP

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It is with great pride and gratitude towards the well known anti-terroristic unit of the Arma dei Carabinieri (Military Police) that Extrema Ratio presents a stiletto style dagger for the celebration of the thirty years of G.I.S. (Gruppo Intervento Speciale) establishment. The Suppressor Dagger by Extrema Ratio is a lightweight quick maneuvering combat stiletto dagger with a needle sharp pount and double razor sharp edges. This dagger will penetrate with ease and it has a burnished 6.69 inch black finished Bohler N690 stainless steel double-edge dagger blade that is .25 inches thick for maximum strength. Bohler N690 stainless steel is an exclusive combination of steel and cobalt which offers high hardness and durability. The Suppressor Stiletto has a flared finger guard that looks good, is functional and is extremely strong due to the fact that it has an integral guard made from the knife stock and not an added piece. The ergonomic black textured polyamide handle has a palm swell, aggressive texturing for maximum grip adhesion and it is comfortable in hand. The handle also has a skull crusher pommel with a lanyard hole. Comes with a black nylon and ABS sheath with a leg strap and is 100% built for combat.