Columbia River CRKT Journeyer Linerlock Folding Knife (2.76 Inch Stonewash Drop Point Plain Blade) Black GRN Handle 6530SW

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Whether in the folded or the locked position the CRKT Journeyer knife goes the distance.

Turn Liong Mah's new folding everyday carry (EDC) knife into a virtual fixed blade knife simply by pulling out the pin tool in the back of the handle and placing it into the blade slot. The black stonewashed blade will do the rest for the years of journeys to come.

Designed by Liong Mah, of Palm Bay, Florida, the Journeyer was born out of necessity. Knife laws in many areas of the country strictly govern blade size and locking mechanisms, leading Mah to the realization that there was a need for a classic slip joint folding knife that is safe and functional for performing daily tasks.

To lock the Journeyer blade in place, simply pull the T6 torque wrench pin tool from the back of the handle and place it into the blade slot. You can also use it to adjust the pivot tension. The 2.75 inch black stonewashed blade is then ready to get to work on the hardest utility tasks--not to mention have your back when it comes to safety. And the glass reinforced nylon handle provides unmatched grip on a knife that you can feel comfortable carrying anywhere.

If you're looking for a knife to accompany you on trips for years to come, travel with the Journeyer.