Kershaw Kuro Pack Assisted Opener Flipper + Double Edge Neck Knife Combo 1835TBLKKITX

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K1835TBLKKITX: Kershaw Kuro Pack w/ Assisted Opening Blackwash Folder & Neck Knife
Kershaw Knives

Available for a limited time, the 2 piece combo set is your way to maximize value and get two great Kershaw knives for the price of one

Kuro Assisted Opening Folder

All eyes turn to you when you take the Kershaw Kuro out of your pocket and put it to work. The Kuro offers standout looks and standout function. The blade is a modified--or Americanized--tanto with a drop point. It has two primary blade grinds: at the tip and along the edge. This gives the Kuro a strong piercing tip with plenty of steel behind the tip to provide strength.

For speedy, one-handed opening, the Kuro has SpeedSafe assisted opening, accessed with the built-in flipper. Just pull back on the flipper blade protrusion to start the blade out of the handle. Then the SpeedSafe torsion bar takes over and the knife opens easily, ready for use. The ambidextrous flipper works perfectly for both lefties and righties.

The handle scales are glass-filled nylon for durability and dimensional stability, even in temperature extremes. The eye-catching pattern on the scales offers additional grip traction and looks like nothing else. A sturdy locking liner secures the blade open until you release it.

Neck Knife Dagger

This Kershaw Neck Knife is made of a single piece of 0.12 inch thick stainless steel. The broadhead double edge blade is 2 inches in length and 4.5 inches overall. It includes a molded plastic sheath with neck chain for convenient all day carry.

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