Cold Steel English Back Sword (32.0 Inch 1055 High Carbon Steel Blade) Black Leather Wire Wrapped Grip + Matching Scabbard 88SEB

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CS88SEB: 88SEB English Back Sword
Cold Steel

What a brave weapon is a short sharp light sword, to carry, to draw, to be nimble withal, to strike, to cut, to thrust both strong and quick - Paradoxes of Defense. George Silver. 1599

The Cold Steel English Back Sword is an excellent interpretation of a 17th Century English Mortuary Hilt Sword for the popular Man at Arms Series.

Inspired by historical examples, this nimble single-handed sword is fast and lively in the hand and a sheer delight to train with. Able to land a decisive blow even when cutting fast from the wrist, this beautiful sword has already proven to be very popular among the Cold Steel crew, who have proclaimed it to be one of their favorite one handed cutters.

Made from 1055 Carbon Steel and supplied with a mild patina to give an antiqued finish, each English Backsword is fully sharpened and supplied complete with an ornate leather and steel scabbard.

An excellent addition to the collection of any Historical European Martial Artist or Historical Reenactor.