Cold Steel Cup Hilt Dagger (14.25 Inch 1055 High Carbon Blade) Ray Skin Wrapped Handle + Leather Scabbard 88CHD

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Cold Steel 88CHD Cup Hilt Dagger. Designed to complement our Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier, our Parrying Dagger offers a long, double edged blade with a stiff, diamond cross section and is fully sharpened, which makes it ideal for delivering a lethal thrust. In addition to that, it also sports twin, upturned quillons that are expertly angled to catch, trap, and immobilize an opponent's blade. The handle of our dagger is styled to match the correspondingly larger Rapier with its similar wood, ray skin and wire grip, and heavy ribbed pommel.

The Cold Steel Cup Hilt Dagger features a 14.25" hand forged and expertly tempered 1055 Carbon steel blade with heavy nickel-silver guard and pommel. This provides a compelling contrast to the black same' (ray skin) handle, 6.5" long, and matching black leather scabbard with Nickel-Silver fittings. Overall length: 20.75". Weight: 15.6 ounces.