Cold Steel Charm Miniature Slip Joint Folding Knife (1.25 Inch S35VN Satin Plain Blade) Polished Black Micarta Handle 54VPL

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54VPL: Cold Steel Charm Slip Joint Knife Polished Micarta
Cold Steel

There is a great deal of truth to the saying the best knife is the one that you have with you and while here at Cold Steel we generally advocate bigger is better when it comes to blades, there’s no denying the usefulness of a small knife that you can take with you virtually everywhere. The Cold Steel Charm takes micro-knives to a whole new level. This diminutive slip-joint folding knife has an overall length of only 2.875 inches when open, and it weighs barely 0.6 ounces -- yet, thanks to its high-performance modern materials it’s a surprisingly useful and functional daily carry choice! Made in Italy, the Charm features a hand-honed and hair-shaving sharp CPM-S35VN clip point blade, and a beautiful black micarta handle with nickel silver bolsters and furniture. It’s an ideal choice for a pocket watch chain, necklace, key chain or lanyard. Whether carried in the coin pocket of your blue jeans, tucked into the pocket of your vest or waistcoat or worn around your neck on a necklace, the Charm is a handy sharp little tool that is always there when you need it. A modern twist on a stylish little blade from classier times. The Charm is a perfect heirloom knife to pass down through the generations.