Bastinelli Creations ReaperTAC Scythe Tomahawk (6.7 Inch Black Cerakote N690Co Blade) Black G10 Handle + Leather Sheath BAS201

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BAS201: Bastinelli Creations ReaperTAC Tomahawk
Bastinelli Creations

The Reaper TAC from Bastinelli Creations is one awesome tomahawk. It's a tactical version of a scythe, an old school tool for reaping crops that has long since been replaced by heavy machinery throughout much of the world. This variation is like a tomahawk in its tactical usage however it incorporates none of its utility functionality. The ReaperTAC measures 9.45 inches overall with a 6.7 inch Bohler N690Co stainless steel blade and black Cerakote finish. The recurved shape allows this blade to rip and tear like an elongated talon and the design tapers toward the tip to allow ample penetration power from such a unique tool. The ergonomic handle is made from contoured black G10 allowing a sure grip at the base or top of the handle. The ReaperTAC includes a leather belt sheath and was proudly manufactured by Fox Knives in Italy.