Bark River Knives Shining Mountain Bowie (10.5 Inch A2 Tool Steel Blade) Natural Canvas Micarta Handle + Leather Sheath BA08212MNC

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BA08212MNC: Shining Mountain Bowie Fixed Blade Natural Micarta Handle
Bark River Knives

The Bark River Shining Mountain Bowie is a massive knife that is 100% pure American in its roots. This pattern is one of the most commonly identifiable of all of the Bowie Patterns. It can be recognized as an early Bowie knife but was actually inspired by the work of the late John Nelson Cooper in the 1950s as His Iron Mistress. This pattern, with a number of different handle treatments, has been seen in countless movies and TV westerns. This knife is all business and will work extremely well in heavy outdoor tasks while adding a unique flair to any collection.

This knife comes in A-2, a hearty, resilient, and very durable tool steel that is sure to last you a lifetime. The Shining Mountain Bowie is supplied with a leather sheath made by Fox River.