Morakniv Mora of Sweden Classic 1891 Utility Kitchen Knife (5.0 Inch Stainless Steel Satin Plain Blade) Black Wood Handle FT01556

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Morakniv has joined the qualities of their prized outdoor knives with modern kitchen needs. The result is a series of beautiful and timeless kitchen knives produced in Mora, Sweden. In line with Morakniv's traditions, it is the user that has shaped the outcome. This classic Utility knife has a high functioning 5" long blade with an integrated finger stop that has a slightly rounded tip for safe handling. It specializes in cutting onions and other vegetables, but is also great for a variety of task.

Part of the secret of Morakniv's knife manufacturing is the heat treatment. This is where Morakniv uses the steel's unique properties to increase the knife's durability and reduce the risk of corrosion. Working with Sandvik, they use Swedish cold-rolled stainless steel (hardened to HRC 56-58). It produces a knife with extreme strength and a long life as well as having high resistance to moisture. Stainless steel stays sharp longer than carbon steel and is far less sensitive to rust.