Smart Pepper Spray Self Defense Spray by Plegium (Alarm/Siren + Strobe + Emergency Texts/Calls + Keyring) Keyring Unit) Black Body PLE51902

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Smart Pepper Spray by Plegium features a single button activation of pepper spray, personal alarm, LED strobe & emergency text messages and phone calls.

The Plegium Smart Pepper Spray is the world’s most advanced personal safety product. It’s a pepper spray that connects to your phone.

When you fire the pepper spray, your phone immediately and automatically sends a text message with your location to your emergency contacts. On top of that, your emergency contacts receive an automatic phone call informing them that you are in danger. The Smart Pepper Spray is equipped with a 130 dB siren and strobe LED lights and has a 4-year, no-charging battery life! The location text messages and phone calls are enabled by the FREE Plegium app. Download the FREE Plegium app on the App Store or Google Play!