Mace Brand Pepper Gun OC Pepper Spray Refill Cartridges (2 Pack 10% OC Pepper + UV Dye) MSI80421

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Pepper Gun 2-Pack OC Refill Cartridges are prefilled, safe and easy to load so you're always prepared and protected. Package includes two 28-gram OC cartridges.

The refill cartridges make it easy to reload your Mace Brand Pepper Gun. Simply follow these three quick steps:

1. Push the barrel release on the side of the gun forward and open the barrel.

2. Grasp the exposed portion of the old cartridge and gently pull outward to remove it from the barrel.

3. Insert the new cartridge into the barrel, being careful not to press onto the cartridge, then close and lock the barrel.

Enhanced control, accuracy and safety.

After reloading, your pepper gun is ready to deliver maximum security and accuracy.

• Slide-release safety switch to prevent accidental discharge

• Pistol-grip design for point-and-shoot accuracy

Always ready

Individual practice cartridges are available, so you can practice and familiarize yourself with your pepper gun to improve accuracy.