Casstrom Sweden Bushcraft Axe Loop Belt Holster (Fits Most Small Axes with Handles up to 2.16 x 1.38 inches wide) Black Leather CI11520

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This handcrafted swedish Casstrom Bushcraft Axe Loop is made from black 3 mm vegetable tanned full grain leather. Beautiful to see and easy to use. With this practical axe accessory you can easily hang the most common small axes, hatchets and tomahawks from your belt. It will accommodate up to a 2.5 inch wide belt (not included). Overall measurements are approximately 3.0 inches tall and 2.16 x 1.38 inches wide.

This beautiful sheath will to fit Cold Steel tomahawks and hatchets, CRKT tomahawks and hatchets handles, Marbles camp axes, and many more small axes. As such you will always have your axe close whenever you might need it. Handcrafted in Sweden.