Boker Plus CLB Rescom 2.0 Rescue Hook Folding Knife (2.09 Inch D2 Black Serrated Seatbelt Cutter Blade) Black Zytel Handle 01BO527

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The ultra-compact Boker Plus Rescom is based on the popular Boker Plus Subcom by Chad Los Banos, but unlike the original model, it is supplied with a versatile multi-function blade. The unbroken popularity of this handy rescue tool among professional emergency services and first responders has now prompted us to reissue this useful classic from our range in a modernized version. The Boker Plus Rescom 2.0 is supplied with a black-coated D2 rescue blade that combines numerous practical functions and can save lives in an emergency. It is opened with the help of the thumb stud on both sides and securely locked in place by the two-millimeter-thick steel plate of the frame lock. A pronounced hand guard increases grip comfort and prevents slipping into the blade. The textured handle is made of black Zytel with three-dimensional milling and, thanks to this surface structure, the ergonomic design, and jimpings in the area of the thumb rest, always lies securely in the hand, even when wet. With lanyard hole and convertible clip (tip-up/tip-down).