Police Force Tactical Hinged NIJ Handcuff Stainless (Double-Lock Pushpin Handcuffs) Keys Included CEPFHING

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The Police Force Heat Treated Stainless Steel Handcuffs are built to keep you safe when you need them most. NIJ approved to meet standard 0307.01, the cuffs feature a hinged design that restricts movement and provides you with a high level of restraint and control. The heat-treated stainless steel provides extra durability and reinforcement and a double locking mechanism to guard against tampering. The pushpin locks the cuffs in place with 20 positions and prevents over-tightening. Two keys are included so you never have to worry about losing your key because you have a spare! Made in Taiwan with the highest quality components, the Police Force Stainless Steel Handcuffs are covered under a one-year warranty.