Gerber River Shorty Dive Knife (3 Inch Double-Edge Blunt Tip Serrated Blade) Black GFN Handle + Hard Plastic Sheath 30-000967

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Gerber 30-000967 River Shorty, Whitewater/Diver. There's nothing quite like frothing rapids and the Herculean force of water crashing around boulders to thrill the souls of whitewater rafters. And there's no watersports knife quite like the Gerber River Shorty or its companion, the River Runner. We built these beauties especially for the unique requirements of rafting, paddling and diving.

Medium-carbon stainless steel is the core material, polished to within an inch of its life to limit corrosion. The blade is 3 inches of river runnin' versatility, with the serrated sharp side aiming up rather than down.

The sheath is constructed of a hard plastic, which is perfection in the wet world. It can receive the knife in two ways. And it can be worn on your belt, on your boot, or attached to your floatation vest.