Gerber Multi-Plier MP600 Bluntnose Multi-Tool w/ Carbide Cutter Inserts (5.1 Inch Closed) Satin Finish + Leather Sheath 07505G

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Gerber 07505G MP600 Satin Bluntnose w/ Carbide Inserts, Leather Sheath. The Gerber MP600 Bluntnose w/ Carbide Cutter Inserts version combines finesse with a rugged toughness to satisfy your daily needs. With the SAF-T-PLUS™ System, each component opens independently of any other, locks tightly against a positive stop rollbar and stays tight until you unlock it. Use it for every situation: construction, travel, home, all purpose kit, camping/hiking and other outdoor recreational activities.

Cowhide anyone? If you're the type that likes your multitool in a thick leather sheath then try out the Gerber MP600 Blunt nose, model 07505G. This is the version of the blunt nose series that contains the sought after leather holster. Undo the snap, pull out the multitool, flick your wrist, and 15 tools are at your disposal.

Gerber's Multi-Plier 600 Series is simply the best multi-function tool available. All Multi-Plier 600 series tools have: