Gerber Clutch Mini Plier Tool Multi-Tool (2.56 Inches Closed) Special Ops Red Aluminum Handle 22-01507

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Gerber 22-01507 Clutch Mini Plier Tool, Special Ops, Red.

Maybe you think it's not all that normal for a person to carry around a pair of pliers in their pocket or on their keychain. But then, maybe you don't know about the Clutch. Which could well be the perfect little tool when you find yourself in something of a clutch. (You know it's gonna happen.) It measures just 2.5" in length when closed. Yet when you access the outboard tools, you're rewarded with a tidy little collection of screwdrivers, bottle opener, gritty file and an all-purpose knife blade. So go ahead. Clip it into your keychain. Slip it in your pocket. Keep it in the glove box. Because you just never know when there'll be a big need for these little pliers.