GATCO Double Diamond Pocket Hone Knife Sharpener (Fine 600 Grit 5.0 in. X 0.75 in. Monocrystalline Diamond Surface) Includes Nylon Pouch 16008

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GATCO 16008 Double Diamond Pocket Hone, Fine. GATCO Double Diamond Pocket Hones are compact, portable knife sharpening hones with the sharpening power of monocrystalline diamonds (to handle blade steels ranging from carbon steel on up to ultra-hard stainless steel). These handy knife sharpeners are just right for your pocket, backpack, glove box etc., for knife sharpening on the go. The GATCO Double Diamond Pocket Hones measure 5 in. long by 3/4 in. wide, and stows neatly away in a nylon pouch.