Lansky Arkansas Bench Stone Sharpener (2 x 6 Inch Soft Benchstone) High Impact Storing Mount LBS6S LS06700

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Lansky LBS6S 2 X 6 Soft Benchstone. The best quality natural stone to achieve a sharp edge quickly. It is ideal for chisels, planer blades, axes and other large tools. The Soft Arkansas Benchstone is the most versatile for general purpose sharpening.

Arkansas sharpening stones have been prized for centuries for their unique sharpening properties. The soft grade is used to achieve a fast sharp edge with a polished finish. The natural Arkanasas Bench Stones are carefully selected and cut, then mounted in a high-impact storing case with non-slip rubber feet. This not only protects the stone but improves sharpening ease and hand protection. An essential item for any complete sharpening system.