Outdoor Edge Outpak Big Game Hunting Set (Complete Hunting Tool Set) Nylon Roll Case OEOT1

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Outdoor Edge OEOT1 Outpak, Complete Big Game Hunting Set. Includes the Kodi-Skinner/ Caper combo, Axe-It, Griz-Saw, Steel Stick, Boning/Fillet knife, Cerama-Steel Sharpener, Pen, Tape Measure, Flagging Tape, Zip-Ties and Game Cleaning Gloves. All these tools store in a compact Cordura roll-pack organizer. Individual sheaths are included for the Kodi Combo, Griz-Saw and Axe-It to carry these items separately. The roll-pack organizer features individual compartments for easy access. Velcro closures safely secure each tool. Top zipper compartment stores the pen, tape measure, flagging tape, zip-ties and game cleaning gloves. Cordura straps let you cinch the Outpak to a backpack or carry the complete set inside your pack.